White Water Rafting in Argentina

White Water Rafting in Argentina

Anything that leaves you breathless, excited and terrified, all at the same time, is definitely worth doing!

Argentina has some great rivers that are ideal for rafting. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. Do a course and take the plunge. (pardon the pun).  If you’re more experienced, enjoy the ride.

Rafting in Bariloche Argentina

For those who don’t know, rafting has six experience levels:

  • Grade 1 beginners – You’ll learn how to not fall in and how to hold, and use a paddle
  • Grade 2 – Now you’ll have more confidence.  You will improve you’re paddle skills and learn how to manoeuvre the raft.
  • Grade 3 – Now we’re getting there. You’re paddle skills should be good and you know how to manoeuvre.
  • Grade 4 – You’re ready to experience a drop.  Scary!  And, you’ll need to make use of your manoeuvring skills. You are going to get wet!
  • Grade 5 – Once you get to this grade you are a very experienced rafter. The drops will be higher, the waves will be bigger and there will be lots of rocks and obstacles, but wow, what a buzz!
  • Grade 6 – Very experienced, suicidal and raving bonkers! Rafting at this grade is extremely dangerous.

Rivers good for rafting

  • The Atuel in Mendoza – From beginners to Advanced.
  • The Alumine in Neuquén Province – Grade 3 and upwards.-
  • The Corocovado in Chubut Province – From Beginners to grade 3.
  • The Juramento in Salta Province – Grade 3.
  • The Manso in Bariloche – From beginners to Advanced.
  • The Mendoza in Mendoza (of course !) – Grade 3 upwards.

So, as you can see there it doesn’t matter what level you are; you can have a go. And, don’t forget to let us know how you got on!

Watch the following video -

Another video courtesy of Aguas Blancas of Bariloche


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