Skiing in Argentina


Skiing is a very popular sport in Argentina.  The season begins around the middle of June and ends in October.  There are excellent skiing conditions in July and August, when many people take their annual holidays.


View from Cerro Catedral Bariloche

A lot of the ski resorts are easy to get to and they all hire out equipment. So, if you decide at the last minute that you want to have a go; don’t worry that you haven’t got the gear.

If you’re with a group of family or friends who don’t want to ski, the resorts all have loads of other activities to keep them occupied.

All pistes are graded, so you can choose a piste according to your skiing level:

  • Green is for beginners, the slopes are very gentle.
  • Blue is for intermediate, the slopes are steeper than the green areas.
  • Red is for advances skiers, the slopes are steeper and narrower.
  • Black is for expert skiers and there are different variations to advise you of the level of difficulty.

Most ski resorts have facilities for everyone, although some cater more for one particular group, than another.  Have a look at the list below, for an idea of where to go.

Families                                                           Groups of Friends

El Bolson Perrito Moreno                                  Los Penitentes

Cerro Catedral                                                  Cerro Catedral

Cerro Bayo                                                       Caviahue

Chapelco                                                          Chapelco


Couples                                                           Honeymooners

Batea Mahuida                                                  Batea Mahuida

Caviahue                                                           Caviahue

Las Lleñas                                                         Las Lleñas


Cerro Castor

All ski resorts have good parking facilities and accommodation. Ski schools and restaurants and bars.  So, go and make some wonderful holiday memories.

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