Reasons to visit Argentina this Winter

If you are living in a country in the Northern Hemisphere, you might be thinking of a short getaway from the cold weather this winter! Have you considered Argentina? Most people do not realize that Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere and for this reason it will be hot and sunny when in your country it is cold and gloomy.

The summer months in Argentina are from December to March so you could be spending Christmas wearing shorts and t-shirt instead of a tuxedo or an evening dress!  Argentina will not promise a white Christmas but instead will guarantee a fun packed family holiday in Argentina.

Some reasons, which come to mind, for visiting Argentina this Festive season are;

  • Summer Time – The festive season marks the start of the summer period and hence favorable weather all throughout December and January.
temperature graph December argentina

Temperature in December in Argentina –


images from Argentina
  • Easy to get along –  We will plan your trip to the finest details so you will not have to think about anything, just sit back relax and enjoy the trip.
  • Diversity – Argentina is so big that its different regions are so diverse, stretching from the hot and humid Iguazu in the north to the cold climate down south in Patagonia. It’s like visiting several different countries in one.

Photos of Plaza San Martin Suites, Buenos Aires
This photo of Plaza San Martin Buenos Aires in Christmas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

There are of course other reasons why Argentina is an excellent winter vacation choice. The ones above are just a few which come to mind, so we invite you to have a look at our website and request a tailor made trip so we can plan a customized tour for you and give you many other reasons why you should visit Argentina this Festive Season.

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