Iguazu Falls on your Honeymoon itinerary

How about visiting Iguazu Falls for your honeymoon

Iguazu is on of Argentina’s and Brazil’s most popular tourist attractions and a once in a lifetime experience. But what makes the Iguazu falls which are shared between Argentina and Iguazu so impressive ?

Following are some interesting facts about Iguazu Falls:

  1. The falls are twice as wide as the Niagara and even higher in certain parts.
  2. An astounding 450,000 sq.ft.per second of water flow during the rainy season, making it the biggest waterfall in the world (twice the volume of Niagara Falls).
  3. Stretching approximately 1.5 miles, Iguassu is made up of  275 smaller falls.
  4. Over 2,000 species of plants in the National Park
  5.  The biggest fall features The Devils Throat, where the water falls almost 300 feet
  6. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Following are some interesting blogs about Iguazu;

Iguazu or Iguassu Falls Honeymoon in Argentina and Brazil


Iguazu or Iguassu Falls Honeymoon in Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu or Iguassu Falls means “Devils Throat” is a waterfall located in the Iguazu River and lies between Argentina and Brazil, South America.

In Argentina there is also a lot more to see other than Iguazzu and the following blog short lists some of the best attractions;

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Argentina is a great alternative to Europe, and it offers a similar old world feel with perks one can only find in Latin America.

Enjoy this Video

Iguazu Falls – Power of Nature

Iguazu Falls are among the most monumental Water Falls in the world, situated at the border of Brazil and Argentina. In the year 2000 spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy established a plaque dedicating the site as “A Sri Chinmoy Peace Falls”. This video of…


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