Horse Riding in Argentina

Argentina has some breath-taking scenery and horse riding is the perfect way to see the spectacular countryside.

horse riding in Mendoza

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For experienced riders, who want an adventurous time, many riding schools offer excursions for seven or ten days. You’ll be riding for around 6 hours every day and stopping at villages along the way. Riders will climb mountains, cross rivers and go through ravines.  Eating outdoors and sleeping in a tent, just like a real cowboy!


Half day trips

If you haven’t ridden a horse before, or you’re learning, take a half day trip, which takes between 2 and 4 hours.  The routes are easy and the ride is gentle and relaxing. The horses are docile and you will be riding with professionals.

Full day trips

Full day trips usually include easy river crossings and travelling through villages. These excursions include lunch and last around 7 hours. It’s a great opportunity to sample the food and see the Argentinians working in the countryside.

Mendoza Horse Riding

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Overnight trips

Overnight stays are included in trips of one night or more and the rides include climbing small mountains, crossing rivers and staying in tents, or small cabins, usually with shared accommodation.  Again it’s a great chance to taste the food and wine and chat to the locals.


If you want to learn about the work of the Gaucho’s and their fascinating history, stay at one of Argentina’s many luxury Estancias.  They offer quality and comfort, away from the crowds and you can participate in a number of activities from milking cows to cycling and of course, horse riding.

So, as you can see,you can enjoy horse riding whatever your level.  It really is a relaxing way to spend some of your time in Argentina.

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