How about spending your Honeymoon in Argentina

Couple on Perito MorenoUnfortunately you only marry your lovely new wife once but after your Honeymoon in Argentina, it’s such a beautiful and fascinating country that you’ll undoubtedly want to go back at least once.

There’s a multitude of reasons why Argentina is the most visited country in South America, the fourth most visited country in the Americas and why Travel and Leisure Magazine recently voted Buenos Aires (the capital of the country) one of their most popular tourist destinations second only to Florence, Italy.

That’s right.  An Argentina honeymoon has a lot to offer.  This only makes sense when you realize that it’s the eighth largest country in the world, has a 3,000 mile long Atlantic coastline, has a very well educated population, has been independent since 1810, and is highly regarded for having an incredibly balanced mix of high-tech industry, eco-sensitive culture, wide extremes of bio and geo diversity and wonderfully friendly people who appreciate the economic value of the 5,300,000+ tourists who visit their country every year.

Probably the biggest draw for the Argentinian tourist industry is the land itself.  The country is divided into 6 general areas:  The Pampas (AKA: the plains), Mesopotamia, Gran Chaco, Cuyo, the Argentine Northwest, and Patagonia.

Of these areas probably the Pampas and Patagonia are most known to tourists.  The Pampas, similar to the Great Plains of the US or the Savannah of Africa, are the home to the world-famous Argentine “Gauchos” (Argentinian ‘cowboys’).  Patagonia is best known for its several world famous glaciers, incredible range of animal life and bio-diversity, and great variety of outdoor adventures.

Probably the single most important thing for a honeymoon Argentina-style is to see Iquazu Falls, which lies in the northern part of Argentina on its border with Brazil.  This world-class landmark is taller than Niagara Falls, 4 times as wide and is especially remarkable because it’s comprised of not one but over 250 separate falls due to the many islands in the waters which feed into it.  Its awesome beauty and power prompted Eleanor Roosevelt, when visiting it, to lament for “…..poor Niagara!”

This means that a newly married couple, if they are outdoors types, have plenty of places to go where they can ‘get away from it all’, create and capture memories .

On the other hand, Argentine fashion, culture, tango, cuisine and nightlife have a well-deserved, world-wide first-class reputation.  Only in Buenos Aires can the honeymoon couple find first class European culture coupled with very affordable Latin American prices, hospitality and service.  Both the new bride and the new groom will love the great buys on high quality leather good available throughout Argentina.

Argentina is known for its 5 star meat menu and food preparation but don’t forget that it’s also one of the primary produce exporting countries of the world and, being a coastal country, its chefs are also very familiar with how to prepare seafood too.  Honeymooners in Argentina won’t be able to watch their weight during their visit you simply won’t be able to resist all the great food at your beck and call both in Buenos Aires and elsewhere in the country.

During your honeymoon in Argentina you’ll find that the prices are reasonable, tipping is appreciated and, perhaps most importantly, your business is appreciated by the ‘locals’.  Everyplace you go, you’ll find great opportunities for taking pictures with your loved one….pictures that will make your honeymoon in Argentina the envy of your in-laws and friends.



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