A Holiday in Argentina

Your Fantastic Holiday in Argentina

It’s no accident that Argentina is the number one tourist destination in all of Latin America.  Argentina vacations offer more value, diversity and quality than vacations in perhaps any other Latin American country and that’s why more and more people every year travel to Argentina and come back with lots of beautiful pictures and videos and glowing reports about the great times they had.

What really makes Argentina travel unique among Latin American vacations is that no place else will you find the mix of European charm and elegance, Latin American hospitality, natural beauty, cosmopolitan entertainment and excellent infrastructure that you find in Argentina.

Ask most people what they think about Argentina vacations and you’ll typically get either ‘Tango’, ‘gauchos’, ‘ ‘pretty women’, ‘Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego’ or perhaps Juan Peron.  Those are certainly elements of the mystic of Argentina but there’s more than that.  Let’s start with Buenos Aires, the capital of the country.

Long known as “The Paris of Latin America”, Buenos Aires (or “BA” as it’s often known) is in the midst of a tourist boom.  It has a decidedly European flavor due to the fact that so many of the early immigrants to Argentina were from European countries other than Span.  It was recently voted by Travel and Leisure Magazine as the second most popular city to visit after Florence, Italy.

And no wonder….BA has an incredible night-life, world class hotels, great shopping, many interesting historical sites, a local populace that truly appreciates tourist revenue and a true attitude of service to visitors to their city and country.

But not everybody travels to Argentina for night-life and shopping.  Argentina has an incredible diversity of wildlife and topography.  Of course you’ve got approximately 3000 miles of South Atlantic shoreline which means that there’s lots of great fishing and aquatic life.

But back on land you’ve also got several majestic glaciers in the southern regions of the country (several of which are still active), lofty mountain ranges where the Andes raise majestically and offer excellent mountain climbing, mountain hiking, skiing, snow-boarding and other mountain sports, and you’ve got the diverse wildlife on the Patagonian area….all of which are obviously a photographer’s paradise too.

Argentina vacations are also great if you like river activities like white water rafting, canoe trips, river fishing and river photography.  In fact, Argentina gets about 41%+ of its power from hydroelectric and is the third largest power market in Latin America.

Argentina is also a very industrialized country which exports a variety of high-tech products all over the world.  This means that the business man or woman will find a lot of interesting opportunities to explore.Images of Argentina

No matter where you go in Argentina, you’ll notice that everybody eats very well.  Meat and produce are one of the countries’ primary exports because the country is so agriculturally productive but sparsely populated.  That means that you can find great steaks, quality seafood and lots of fresh vegetable virtually anywhere you go.

No doubt about it, whether you want fashion and nightlife, culture and history, nature and adventure or just to blend into a very friendly and civil population, Argentina travel is a wise choice.


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